Remodo X

An Elegantly Designed Bluetooth Remote for Raspberry Pi

Control Your Raspberry Pi Home Automation Projects

Supporting open source software such as OpenHAB and Home-Assistant, the Remodo X allows users full control over their entire house's lighting, sound system, air conditioner and much more with just 4 buttons to trigger any scene control via HID scripts - all programmed through an user-friendly and intuitive mobile app.

Support Home-Entertainment

Remodo X supports users to easily control Kodi as a media centre and run applications like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify and other OTT software, giving users the ability to play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind to watch at their own pace.
Amazon Prime

Support Social Media

By programming the buttons to mimic HID commands on your smart devices and make browsing social media platforms convenient and effortless, such as Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok, to scroll up and down, left and right, like and share with the touch of a button.





Easy to Set-up

To set up the Remodo X, simply pair it to the Remodo app on a smartphone or tablet. There are built-in presets in the Remodo app, making it quick and easy for users to configure the remote. A combination of short press and long press allows for 8 different types of scenes.

Find Me Buzzer

Lost your Remodo X? Don’t worry! The remote is fitted with a built-in Find Me function. Simply use the app to activate the buzzer and locate the Remodo X.

Beautiful Design

With 4 simple buttons, supporting 8 keys with single press or long press. It comes in 2 colors – Gun Metal Grey & Orange.

Presentation Remote (Clicker)

In addition to a normal clicker, Remodo X can have specific IR key for projectors (e.g. Freeze) to be programmed. This is a sought-after feature for lecturers / trainers when logging into various cloud services (protecting password privacy). An unique feature that other clickers simply don’t have.

Universal IR Control

Remodo X can also dub as a simple replacement Infrared remote controller and it supports over 6,000 branded devices including TV’s, projectors, STB, room-based A/Cs, Dyson fans, A/V receivers, sound bars, and many more.

GitHub Page for Developers

A GitHub page for supporting popular Raspberry Pi smart home projects such as open source platforms like Home-Assistant, OpenHAB and Kodi, etc. We have already started some work in this and this will be released – updated in our website as the project moves along.


Bluetooth operating

distance up to 30 meters with no obstacles

Infrared operating distance

up to 10 meters line of sight


Realtek BLE 4.2 Class 2 device

No. of keys

4 single press, 4 long press (total 8 keys)

Power Input

Powered by AAA batteries x 2 pcs

Operating Temperature

0 – 40 ℃

Software Apps

Android and iOS


“Find me” feature (requires App)


Freestanding and Wall mount (bracket included)


L114mm x W36mm x T13mm


37 gram (Without bracket, Without packaging)


Q1. What is included in the Remodo X package?

A1. Remodo X and User guide.

Q2. What is the Remodo X compatible with?

A2. Remodo X is compatible with :

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Home entertainment applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Kodi and much more.
  • Replace tablets and smartphones, taking control of Social Media such as Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Tiktok.
  • Additionally, the Remodo X can be programmed as a universal IR remote for over 6,000 brands of appliances including TVs, projectors, sound-systems, Blu-ray/DVD players, air-conditioners and so on.

Q3. Do I have to own a Raspberry Pi to use the Remodo X?

A3. You don’t have to own a Raspberry Pi to use the Remodo X, you can still enjoy the convenience brought by Remodo X on the other applications.

Q4. What version of the Raspberry Pi can Remodo X be paired with?

A4. Remodo X can pair up with the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4.

Q5. Does the Remodo X come with a Raspberry Pi

A5. No, the Remodo X is made to be used with the Raspberry Pi, but it is not included in the purchase.

Q6. Does Remodo App support both IOS & Android?

A6. Yes, the app supports both platforms.

Q7. How do I program the Remodo X?

A7. You can program the Remodo X through Remodo app.

Q8. Will software/firmware be updated in the future?

A8. Of course. The firmware will update whenever new functions are added or the current bugs are fixed. Customers can enjoy the best user experience.

Q9. Under what circumstances do I need to reprogram the Remodo X?

A9. If you accidentally pressed the “restore to factory setting” in the Remodo apps, you need to reprogram the Remodo X. However, you do not need to reprogram the Remodo X under normal circumstances.

Q10. Do I need to reprogram the Remodo X when I replace the batteries?

A10. No, you don’t need to.

Q11. How many keys can be programmed into Remodo X?

A11. Maximum of 8 keys (one click and long press)

Q12. Can the Remodo X control multiple applications at one time

A12. Yes, you can program the keys as you like, such as program key 1 for YouTube function and key 2 for Spotify function.

Q13. What’s the approximate bluetooth range for the Remodo X?

A13. The Remodo X has a bluetooth operating distance of up to 30 meters without obstacles and an Infrared operating distance of up to 10 meters within the line of sight.

Q14. Is the Remodo app necessary for using the remotes themselves?

A14. Remodo app is necessary for users to program and switch key mapping profiles among different apps. Users may need to use the Remodo app when using different apps.

Q15. How does Remodo X compare to a standard universal remotes?

A15. Compared to standard universal remotes, Remodo X offers more flexibility to the users by letting them customize their own remote. Users can simply program the buttons by the Remodo app based on their own needs. In addition, Remodo X supports both IR and HID devices and which may apply to more use cases compared to most standard universal remotes, while most of them only cover IR devices.

Q16. Which IR end-device brands do you support?

A16. Remodo X supports over 90% electronic brands in the market.

Q17. What is “Setup Mode”?

A17. “Setup Mode” is for configuring different functions of keys of Remodo X by using REMODO app.

Q18. How to switch the “Setup Mode”?

A18. Press and hold [Key 3] + [Key 4] until heard the beep sound. Then, the LED indicator of Remodo X should be flashing in “Red”.

Q19. What is “Operation Mode”?

A19. “Operation Mode” is the operation mode of the Remodo X remote after it paired with your device (e.g. Notebook, Raspberry pi, SmartTV, etc.) under Bluetooth connection. All the HID command and 3rd party apps / service keys are working in “Operation Mode” only.

Q20. How to switch into “Operation Mode”?

A20. Press and hold [Key 1] + [Key 2] until heard the beep sound. Then, the LED indicator of Remodo X should be flashing in “Green”.

Q21. Why REMODO app cannot connect the Remodo X?

A21. REMODO app can connect the Remodo X which is in “Setup Mode”. Please make sure that your Remodo X are in the “Setup Mode” when you want to program it.

Q22. Why my device(e.g. Notebook, Raspberry Pi, Smart TV, etc.) cannot connect the Remodo X?

A22. Remodo X will remember the first paired device in “Operation Mode”. If you want to clear the first paired device record, please press and hold [Key 1] + [Key 4] until heard the beep sound.

If you are still having connection failed issue, please also check with the Bluetooth setting of your device. If the paired device list has a Bluetooth device named “Remodo_X_xxxxx”, please remove or forget that device and clear the first paired device record of Remodo X once again.